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Month: March 2022

Dresden Frauenkirche Church – Peace and Holy

If you are a person looking for spirituality or a religious experience, then you could truly benefit from visiting the Dresden Frauenkirche. It is a true one-of-a-kind experience and you’ll never regret the memories you make while you visit.

The Dresden Frauenkirche

The English translation would be the Church of Our Lady. Everyone is welcome to come and look around, and welcome to hear the church’s message if they would so like to. Whether you are coming to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere or coming for a sermon, you will enjoy your travel and come away with wonderful memories of your time spent in the Dresden Frauenkirche.

Once a month, you can come to an English service. It is typically done on the third Sunday of the month, and Anglican evening prayer is held at 6 PM. No matter your religion, you are welcome to go and enjoy the evening surrounded by warm, welcoming people and gorgeous surroundings.

Frauenkirche Dresden History

At the end of WWII, all that was left of the beautiful building was simply a pile of rocks. This was a tragedy, but the church lived on. The history of the church is actually very long and rich and spans back over a 1,000 years. Once the 1990s came around, the rebuilding process took a unique turn and it was quickly embraced by people from all walks of life.

Dresden Frauenkirche – Beautiful and Holy

One of the most popular attractions of this Lutheran church is the ascent to the dome. You will be taking a life and getting to view an amazing sight into the inner dome as well as the main stone dome, which you will go around 2.5 times. Plus, the viewing platform (which is 67 metres, or 220 feet), gives you a very different kind of sight over Dresden as well as the area around it.

The music is something that brings everyone into the church as well. Throughout the year, around 130 concerts, as well as church music events, happen at the location. Every Saturday between Easter and New Year’s Eve will bring wonderful music, though you can listen to the beautiful organ music all year round if you are not able to go during the other time. Any time of the year is wonderful to go, there is no specific time when you will not be able to see the gorgeous sights and hear the amazing music of this church.

Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Potsdamer Platz Tour?

I cannot be sure to where to put the Potsdamer Platz for the tourists, whether as a sightseeing attraction or the discover section. But whatever it is, Potsdamer Platz is one of the most important and interesting city squares of Berlin, Germany. It is one of the most striking examples of the urban renewal that changed Berlin into the New Berlin. This square wasnamed after the city of Potsdam. The area near the Potsdamer Platz today consists of three major developments; the Sony Center, Daimler City and Beishem Center.

Potsdamer Platz History

The first thing you should know about Potsdamer Platz is ofcourse, its history. Before the world war 2, Potsdamer Platz was one of the most busiest traffic intersections of Europe. Between 1961 to 1969, (even though it’s hard to imagine now but) the Berlin wall went right through the Potsdamer Platz. And during the 70’s, all buildings near the east and west were torn down.

While during the 80’s, a magnetic monorail train was built on the west side of a test track and on the east, many new fast food stands were opened, some viewing platforms and a circled wagon train was opened. During this period, the plan of building the Autobahn parallel to the Berlin wall was developed. However, these plans remained plans only and were dropped after the fall of the wall.

Today, nothing of these wastelands is left and Potsdamer Platz has three widely known areas near it. the Sony Center, Potsdamer Platz Arkaden and Beishem Center.

Beauty of Potsdamer Platz

When you are visiting Potsdamcer Platz, you should definitely check out the architecture and buildings of the area that were designed by the world-class architects and planning authorities. One should really check these places near the Potsdamer Platz as a tourist as these offer something that a visitor really wishes to explore on their trip to Berlin.

Sony Center

The Sony Center is one of the landmarks of Berlin. What makes it attracting to the tourists is the triangular shaped tent like roof that is inspired by the Japans Mount Fuji covering a round square. Number of restaurants,cafes, movie theatres and other film institutions are located here.

Beishem Center

The center is basically a group of building made by the German-Swiss businessman and founder of Metro AG. It is located on the Lenne Triangle. You can find two 5 star hotels on the grounds of Beishem Center; Berlin Marriot and Ritz Carlton Berlin. When the international film festival occurs, most of the film stars come here to stay as they are located close to the main festival location.

Potsdamer Platz Arkaden

Across the Boulevard of stars and the Sony center lays the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden. This 550,000 meters area covers a cinema, two hotels, a casino, a shopping mall with 130 shops, three theatres, 30 bars, restaurants and cafes and offices. Basically, you can say that Potsdamer Platz Arkaden is the main hub of the international berlin film festival.