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Your Guide to the Vegas Summerlin Area

Vegas is a city that never sleeps, with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reporting over 32 million visitors in the past year. Apart from the glitz and glamor of the most popular tourist areas, Vegas is also a place where you can find a peaceful oasis if you know where to look.

The Vegas Summerlin area is one of those spots, with quiet neighbourhoods and tranquil parks that offer a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Today, we have compiled all the basics you need to know for your next visit to Summerlin:

Where is Summerlin?

Summerlin is a master-planned community in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has been steadily growing since it was founded in 1990. It is located in the southwestern part of the Las Vegas Valley and is just minutes away from Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and the Spring Mountains. Summerlin is home to more than 150,000 residents and hosts many parks and recreation areas. It offers more than 33 miles of trails and a variety of activities for visitors from all over the world.

When is the best time to go to Summerlin?

The best time to visit the Vegas Summerlin area is during the months of April through October. During the summer months, temperatures in Las Vegas can soar above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be quite warm. However, these months are also when you will find the most events taking place in Summerlin, such as the annual Summer Concert Series held from June to July. The shoulder months of spring and fall offer the most moderate weather and the lowest prices for hotels and activities.

What are the best places to visit in Summerlin?

1. Downtown Summerlin Shopping Center

Downtown Summerlin Shopping Center is located at the corner of Town Center Drive and Pavilion Center Drive in downtown Las Vegas. Here, you can shop from more than 30 designer boutiques and department stores. You can get fashion belts from Ed Hardy at Macy’s, clothes from Kenneth Cole at Nordstrom Rack, and shoes from Steve Madden at Dillard’s. After your shopping spree, you can also find a wide selection of restaurants for lunch or dinner.

2. Red Rock Resort

The Red Rock Resort is a Station Casinos-brand property in Summerlin, offering world-class luxury amenities such as large pools, spa treatments, and delectable dining options. It is also home to one of the most underrated poker rooms in Las Vegas, which mainly attracts a local crowd. The low-stakes games and tournaments here on the weekends are exciting because the players are primarily beginners, attracting those who want a feel of poker. It also offers other entertainment options, such as live concerts and shows.

3. Harlo’s Steakhouse and Bar

Harlo’s Steakhouse and Bar is a Summerlin staple serving delicious steak and seafood dishes with an eclectic twist. Their menu offers small plates like tuna tartare and fried calamari to main dishes like lamb chops and ribeye steak. They also have a great selection of wines by the glass or bottle. It’s no wonder why they’ve kept a steady reputation as one of Summerlin’s top restaurants.

4. Rampart Casino

The Rampart Casino is owned by the JW Marriott group, one of the world’s largest hotel chains. Located near Summerlin’s residential areas, this casino is popular among locals and Marriott members. It has over 1,445 slot machines, 70 table games, and a poker room. It also features a food court with more than ten different dining options that offer everything from pizza to Chinese cuisine. Rampart Casino opened in 2002 and has since become a hub for gaming and entertainment.

The Summerlin area offers a variety of options for those who want to enjoy their time outside the usual attractions in Las Vegas. The weather, the activities, and the location make it an ideal place to visit if you’re looking to find a short escape from the city on your next Vegas trip.

Island For Rent

The people visited from assorted parts of the world, are very much interested to visit island. They give the first and foremost preference to the island mainly for lovable blue color sea and excellent level of resorts. Caribbean islands for rent is perfectly suitable for the great level of business man and also other luxurious person who want to spend their free time.

Enjoy Vacation Time

Everyone dream to enjoy their entire vacation time in their own island. For that purpose, they want to rent their lovable island with affordable prices. There are varieties of Private Island for rent which is available depends upon the people taste and dream. Among the island, different shapes and sizes are accessible according to the people taste. Most of them are not aware about the meaning of island. Island is nothing but a sub continent land which can be enclosed by full water.

In the center place of the island the beautiful resorts are located to attract the visitors. The people can be able rent islands depends upon their wishes and tastes. The extra-ordinary blue color of the sea magnetizes each and everyone to stay for a long period of time. Island for rent is available depends upon the customer budgets. Island facilities are ranged from pastoral and untouched by the world to sensational and comprehensive. It is the excellent way to rent the private island. Palm tree in the blue seas are providing the dazzling look with huge amount of facilities.

Shapes for the island are gets varied depends upon the area and location. For family usage also, there are lot of places are obtainable. Island for rent is located in various areas with massive look in various parts of the world. The islands are available depends upon the different continent place. In Asian continent, island for rent is probably extensible for various usages. The people visited from assorted parts of the world, are very much interested to visit island. They give the first and foremost preference to the island mainly for lovable blue color sea and excellent level of resorts.

Island for Rent

In Asia, the main island is the Maldives. It contains the underground gardens with full of white sand. The name for the island is named as Atolls. It is one of the type Coral islands. This island is fully covered with attractive blue color shades and also the turquoise. Diving is one of the entertainments which can be maintained by this island place. The hotels are established at the center of the blue sea and with variety of dishes to spend our valuable time. Other than Asia, island for rent takes the important role in Europe history.

Private island for rent is easy accessible to enjoy the trip by the visitors. The people are not able to imagine that the island for rent is looks like a charming castle. The children are also able to get an experience during the time of their holidays. Croatia’s lighthouses in the Europe islands are the great inspiration for the person who is all travelling from various parts of the world.

The green look endows the stunning and extensive way to enjoy the trip. The speedboat facilities are also obtainable to spend their valuable time by the adults and also the great business man etc. Their main aim is to spend their holiday time in the perfect place at reasonable rate. Mostly, island for rent is the important factor which can be done with the help of large numbers of private companies to get the lot of profits. In Australian countries, South Pacific Island for rent is available to satisfy the customers.

Other than Australia, New Zealand and Exotic Island are used for extra-ordinary accommodation facilities. Some of the islands for rent are fully covered with mountains. Some of the customers are very much interested only the mountain covered islands for their valuable journey. Island for rent is also used as the magical place and also the suitable place used for honeymoon and also the some other type of functions. Island for rent is also one type of the business which can be able to earn lot of money at the same time.

Depends upon the land acres and its size, the island for rent is used. While the particular people taken the island for rent then the accommodation is full of free until the customer leave the island.

Dresden Frauenkirche Church – Peace and Holy

If you are a person looking for spirituality or a religious experience, then you could truly benefit from visiting the Dresden Frauenkirche. It is a true one-of-a-kind experience and you’ll never regret the memories you make while you visit.

The Dresden Frauenkirche

The English translation would be the Church of Our Lady. Everyone is welcome to come and look around, and welcome to hear the church’s message if they would so like to. Whether you are coming to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere or coming for a sermon, you will enjoy your travel and come away with wonderful memories of your time spent in the Dresden Frauenkirche.

Once a month, you can come to an English service. It is typically done on the third Sunday of the month, and Anglican evening prayer is held at 6 PM. No matter your religion, you are welcome to go and enjoy the evening surrounded by warm, welcoming people and gorgeous surroundings.

Frauenkirche Dresden History

At the end of WWII, all that was left of the beautiful building was simply a pile of rocks. This was a tragedy, but the church lived on. The history of the church is actually very long and rich and spans back over a 1,000 years. Once the 1990s came around, the rebuilding process took a unique turn and it was quickly embraced by people from all walks of life.

Dresden Frauenkirche – Beautiful and Holy

One of the most popular attractions of this Lutheran church is the ascent to the dome. You will be taking a life and getting to view an amazing sight into the inner dome as well as the main stone dome, which you will go around 2.5 times. Plus, the viewing platform (which is 67 metres, or 220 feet), gives you a very different kind of sight over Dresden as well as the area around it.

The music is something that brings everyone into the church as well. Throughout the year, around 130 concerts, as well as church music events, happen at the location. Every Saturday between Easter and New Year’s Eve will bring wonderful music, though you can listen to the beautiful organ music all year round if you are not able to go during the other time. Any time of the year is wonderful to go, there is no specific time when you will not be able to see the gorgeous sights and hear the amazing music of this church.

Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Potsdamer Platz Tour?

I cannot be sure to where to put the Potsdamer Platz for the tourists, whether as a sightseeing attraction or the discover section. But whatever it is, Potsdamer Platz is one of the most important and interesting city squares of Berlin, Germany. It is one of the most striking examples of the urban renewal that changed Berlin into the New Berlin. This square wasnamed after the city of Potsdam. The area near the Potsdamer Platz today consists of three major developments; the Sony Center, Daimler City and Beishem Center.

Potsdamer Platz History

The first thing you should know about Potsdamer Platz is ofcourse, its history. Before the world war 2, Potsdamer Platz was one of the most busiest traffic intersections of Europe. Between 1961 to 1969, (even though it’s hard to imagine now but) the Berlin wall went right through the Potsdamer Platz. And during the 70’s, all buildings near the east and west were torn down.

While during the 80’s, a magnetic monorail train was built on the west side of a test track and on the east, many new fast food stands were opened, some viewing platforms and a circled wagon train was opened. During this period, the plan of building the Autobahn parallel to the Berlin wall was developed. However, these plans remained plans only and were dropped after the fall of the wall.

Today, nothing of these wastelands is left and Potsdamer Platz has three widely known areas near it. the Sony Center, Potsdamer Platz Arkaden and Beishem Center.

Beauty of Potsdamer Platz

When you are visiting Potsdamcer Platz, you should definitely check out the architecture and buildings of the area that were designed by the world-class architects and planning authorities. One should really check these places near the Potsdamer Platz as a tourist as these offer something that a visitor really wishes to explore on their trip to Berlin.

Sony Center

The Sony Center is one of the landmarks of Berlin. What makes it attracting to the tourists is the triangular shaped tent like roof that is inspired by the Japans Mount Fuji covering a round square. Number of restaurants,cafes, movie theatres and other film institutions are located here.

Beishem Center

The center is basically a group of building made by the German-Swiss businessman and founder of Metro AG. It is located on the Lenne Triangle. You can find two 5 star hotels on the grounds of Beishem Center; Berlin Marriot and Ritz Carlton Berlin. When the international film festival occurs, most of the film stars come here to stay as they are located close to the main festival location.

Potsdamer Platz Arkaden

Across the Boulevard of stars and the Sony center lays the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden. This 550,000 meters area covers a cinema, two hotels, a casino, a shopping mall with 130 shops, three theatres, 30 bars, restaurants and cafes and offices. Basically, you can say that Potsdamer Platz Arkaden is the main hub of the international berlin film festival.

5 things to get off your bucket list at the end of the year

It’s November, again! The one before the last month of the year. Soon we will say goodbye to one more year. How do you rate 2021? Have you managed to accomplish your plans? Could you make some ticks on your bucket list? Anyway, you still have some weeks to make your list shorter! American Escape Rooms have found 5 special activities suggested to be done in 2021 to help you escape from your comfort zone this year. Let’s follow these tips!

A day of flying

Have you ever tried to fly? It’s said that without wings, it is impossible! However, at the Fort Lauderdale Indoor Skydiving, it is feasible! A vertical wind tunnel in a flight chamber makes you fly without wings or any other equipment. You are in total safety in the flight chamber due to the protective clothing, the helmet, and the safety conditions. 

Moreover, skydiving at the Fort Lauderdale Indoor Skydiving is not a self-service, so you won’t be left alone! A highly-trained instructor will support you while doing your first “flaps.” Before the flying, basic flying training is held by an expert flight instructor. Flyers have 2 opportunities to enjoy skydiving: one group and a one-on-one session alone with the instructor.  No previous experience is required, and the age limit is 3 years.

One time visit at the Fort Lauderdale Indoor Skydiving takes about 75 minutes (training is involved). After skydiving, you will obtain a certificate of flight achievement. 

It’s time to learn a new skill: skydiving! Become the lord of the air this year!

Escape from the routine

If it is about learning new skills, you should not miss escape games! Usually, you play them on the ground, not in the air, sorry to say. However, it is so complex and requires a wide range of your abilities, skills that even your hidden, unknown talents should come forward. At American Escape Rooms, there are 4 different escape rooms with unique themes, meaning that you can visit all of them before Christmas!

Escape games are cooperative, 3D strategy games where you should turn on all of your senses to find the way out! You will feel like in a Sherlock Holmes’ story or at one episode of Mission Impossible. The time limit puts extra pressure on each player, raising their adrenaline level.

Playing in an escape room is excellent teambuilding, self-learning training, and a place where you can finally leave your comfort zone! Try it once still in this year and become the fun of it!

Back to the sky!

The end of this year should be spent in the air, anyway! Actually, with mechanical support in the shape of a helicopter. The Helicopter Night Tour Over Orlando’s Theme Parks guarantees an unforgettable city sightseeing tour from bird’s view in Orlando’s magical, colourful lights. The professional pilot will be your guide drawing attention to every must-see detail of the city. Inside the helicopter, there you can be 3 of you. No previous experiences are needed. The equipment will be ensured and included in the fee. The length of the helicopter night tour is according to your wish. Are you ready for this illuminating adventure?

From the sky into the water!

Maybe not straight ahead, but finally, yes! Do you know Florida’s returning winter guest, the Manatees? These sweet but giant marine mammals usually spend their winter vacation in the waters of Florida. You can meet with them at several places throughout the state from November until March. Despite their seasonality, at Kings Bay, you can meet with them all year-round. You can experience direct contact with these gentle giants at the Crystal River while diving, which is very special because it is not allowed at every Manatee visit center. 

Is it your first time as a diver? Don’t be afraid, a pre-tour education and all the equipment are provided by the Crystal River and included in the fee. Moreover, an in-water guide will take photos and videos of your manatee experience.

Are you still dry?

Blood donation

Last but not least, a special, bloody experience that is partly about you, partly for the others. Have you ever donated blood? Christmas is approaching. The most popular time to present people. What could be a more significant gift than life itself? With blood donation, we can save lives or advance them.

Furthermore, it is a win-win project! Via blood donation, you contribute to life-saving, and, at the same time, your blood is going to check as well. So you can enjoy Christmas time knowing that your health status is fine. As you become a regular blood-donator, further “presents” and discounts are likely to be forwarded. Of course, there are some excluding factors (very low BMI, very low level of blood cells, etc.). Anyway, remember, if you can donate blood, it means that you are in excellent health! Do you need any more for Christmas?

The end of the year is closing; however, your bucket list has just been enriched! Let’s tick these missions in the following weeks to make 2021 more memorable!

Tet, The Biggest Festival in Vietnam

Tet, regarded as the international New Year, is the biggest celebration in Vietnam. Tet is held to celebrate the arrival of Spring and the begin of a new Year. It lasts from between the months of January to February.

Just like other countries, Vietnamese are eager to welcome this celebration. They say goodbye to the past year and look forward a new one. During this festival, the movement of life seems to be more active and faster. from the noisiest city to the untouched coutrysides, most roads are decorated with plenty of colorful lights, slogan and great greetings. Offices are off from work instead of entertainment activities. Streets are cleared and houses are repainted or renewed. Many beautiful things such as flowers, ornamentals, Tet calendars, trendy clothing…are displayed with aim of selling and exchanging for those who demand.

Traditional Food of Vietnam

If you drop by Vietnam on this special occasion, you can immerse yourself into the eager atmosphere. They do lots of works to prepare for a perfect celebration. Vietnamese has the custom of making Banh Chung or sticky rice cake. It contains sticky rice, pork meat, green bean and various other ingredients. All of them are wrapped inside a special leaf called Dong. This is common and traditional food of Vietnam. Try to enjoy this food and you can easily feel its special taste.

Most people tend to buy new clothes, go out and meet others to send best wishes for a new year. Adults will prepare some red envelopes filled with lucky money and give them away to young people with their wishes of best luck, good health and success for receivers. This custom is called Mung Tuoi or Li Xi. That is used to encourage the young people to learn well and live in harmony with others.

Chung Cake

There are many interesting activities for visitors to enjoy. From the 23rd day of the last Lunar month, you can gain a wide understanding of a ritual worshiping Kitchen Gods. People say that in that day, Kitchen Gods go to the heaven by driving a healthy carp to tell Jade Emperor about the activities of households on earth. After finish this custom, you together Vietnamese can release it to nature. Furthermore, On the New Year’s Eve, Vietnamese people has the plate of five fruits and some foods to worship the ancestors and start enjoying a spectacular celebration. They can gather on TV , watch the Tao Quan show and wait for a feast of fireworks which is directly broadcasted on most channels.

Some other celebrations such as bullfighting festival in Do Son, Giong festival in Soc Son, Hung Temple Festival in Phu Tho, Tran Temple Festival in Ninh Binh are popular and attractive to other visitors from every corner in the world. They are important elements to make an unique cultural identity of Vietnam.

In brief, Tet celebration is really so special event that tourists shouldn’t miss. Try to visit Vietnam on this occasion to understanding more about the culture and people of this historical and once turbulent land.

Hungary | Landlocked Country

Hungary also know as the Republic of Hungary is a landlocked country located in East Europe, bordering Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. Its biggest city, which also is its capital, is Budapest. Hungary is popular for ist hospitality to tourists and it provides an ideal mix of history and modern day. Budapest truly is a world class citiy located on the River Danube and it is a blend of culture and outstandign beauty. The city has been home for writers, artists and musicians who were greatly influenced by this graceful city. Lake Balaton is also popular with tourists. Local dishes are halászlé (fish soup) with pasta and goulash (gulyás) soup

Population & Languages

Hungary has a population of about 10 million and the official language being spoken is Hungarian.


The voltage here is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. The types of plugs used are Round pin attachment plug and “Schuko” plug and receptacle with side grounding contacts.

Geographic Location

Like already mentioned Hungary is a landlock country located in East Europe boredring Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. The country is divided into three large regions by the River Danube and the River Tisza.


The climate can be termed as Temperate with cold winters and hot summers. While the average annual temperature is 9.6°C the maximum temperature during summer can be 43°C and as low as -30°C in winters. Average temperatures in summer is 26 to 36°C and 0 to -16°C in winter.

Local Customs

A handshake is customary for greeting. It is also customary to return the toast and to offer gifts to the host of a meal. Smoking is prohibited in most public areas but travelers can smoke in long distance trains. Dressing casual is acceptable in most places and formal for special occasions. For all services including restaurants, bars, clubs, taxis etc. tipping up to 10 to 15 percent is customary.


Sights to visit in Budapest are:
– Castle Royal Palace
– Fisherman’s Bastion
– Matthias Church
– Gellért Hill
– Chain Bridge
– The Great Synagogue and Jewish Museum
– Parliament Buildings
– Statue Park

Places to visit in Eger are:
– Eger Castle
– Szépasszony Valley (Valley of the Pretty Woman)

Sightsto visit at Lake Balaton:
– Hévíz
– Keszthely

Sights of the Danube Bend:
– Esztergom
– Szentendre
– Visegrad


Malv is the national airline of Hungary which operates flights from more then forty cities across the world. Aeroflot, Air France, British Airways, easyJet, KLM, Lufthansa, Sky Europe, Swiss, United Airlines and Wizz Air are other airlines operating from Hungary. The major airport of Hungary is the Ferihegy Budapest International Airport (BUD), ten miles away from the city.

Hungary is part of the extensive network of trains connecting the European cities. There are 47 international trains daily to Budapest by direct rail and Hungary is connected to 16 European cities directly.