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Rent a private island for a unique getaway! Explore, unwind, & create memories that last.

The people visited from assorted parts of the world, are very much interested to visit island. They give the first and foremost preference to the island mainly for lovable blue color sea and excellent level of resorts. Caribbean islands for rent is perfectly suitable for the great level of business man and also other luxurious person who want to spend their free time.

Enjoy Vacation Time

Everyone dream to enjoy their entire vacation time in their own island. For that purpose, they want to rent their lovable island with affordable prices. There are varieties of Private Island for rent which is available depends upon the people taste and dream. Among the island, different shapes and sizes are accessible according to the people taste. Most of them are not aware about the meaning of island. Island is nothing but a sub continent land which can be enclosed by full water.

In the center place of the island the beautiful resorts are located to attract the visitors. The people can be able rent islands depends upon their wishes and tastes. The extra-ordinary blue color of the sea magnetizes each and everyone to stay for a long period of time. Island for rent is available depends upon the customer budgets. Island facilities are ranged from pastoral and untouched by the world to sensational and comprehensive. It is the excellent way to rent the private island. Palm tree in the blue seas are providing the dazzling look with huge amount of facilities.

Shapes for the island are gets varied depends upon the area and location. For family usage also, there are lot of places are obtainable. Island for rent is located in various areas with massive look in various parts of the world. The islands are available depends upon the different continent place. In Asian continent, island for rent is probably extensible for various usages. The people visited from assorted parts of the world, are very much interested to visit island. They give the first and foremost preference to the island mainly for lovable blue color sea and excellent level of resorts.

Island for Rent

In Asia, the main island is the Maldives. It contains the underground gardens with full of white sand. The name for the island is named as Atolls. It is one of the type Coral islands. This island is fully covered with attractive blue color shades and also the turquoise. Diving is one of the entertainments which can be maintained by this island place. The hotels are established at the center of the blue sea and with variety of dishes to spend our valuable time. Other than Asia, island for rent takes the important role in Europe history.

Private island for rent is easy accessible to enjoy the trip by the visitors. The people are not able to imagine that the island for rent is looks like a charming castle. The children are also able to get an experience during the time of their holidays. Croatia’s lighthouses in the Europe islands are the great inspiration for the person who is all travelling from various parts of the world.

The green look endows the stunning and extensive way to enjoy the trip. The speedboat facilities are also obtainable to spend their valuable time by the adults and also the great business man etc. Their main aim is to spend their holiday time in the perfect place at reasonable rate. Mostly, island for rent is the important factor which can be done with the help of large numbers of private companies to get the lot of profits. In Australian countries, South Pacific Island for rent is available to satisfy the customers.

Other than Australia, New Zealand and Exotic Island are used for extra-ordinary accommodation facilities. Some of the islands for rent are fully covered with mountains. Some of the customers are very much interested only the mountain covered islands for their valuable journey. Island for rent is also used as the magical place and also the suitable place used for honeymoon and also the some other type of functions. Island for rent is also one type of the business which can be able to earn lot of money at the same time.

Depends upon the land acres and its size, the island for rent is used. While the particular people taken the island for rent then the accommodation is full of free until the customer leave the island.


  1. How much does it cost to rent an island? The cost of renting a private island can vary significantly based on location, amenities, and exclusivity. Here are some examples:
    • Islands for rent can start from as low as $100-$200 per night on platforms like Airbnb, but these may be apartments or complexes rather than entire islands.
    • For more exclusive private islands, prices can range from low thousands of dollars per night to tens of thousands if you’re looking at billionaire-owned private islands.
  2. Is it possible to rent an island? Yes, it is possible to rent an island! Hundreds of islands are available worldwide for every taste and budget. Whether you’re seeking a tropical paradise or a secluded getaway, there’s an island waiting for you.
  3. How much is a very small island? The price of a very small private island can vary based on location and features. Here are some examples:
    • Islands in Canada, Central America, and the US can be found for less than the cost of a house, such as $79,999 in Prince Edward Island, Canada, or $208,096 in Nova Scotia, Canada.
    • In South America, the average price per acre for an island is around USD 1,148.
    • Some islands in Ireland, Nicaragua, and Panama are also available for relatively affordable prices.

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