My Hero Academia Season 7 Heats Up with Hero vs Villain Showdown

My Hero Academia Season 7 explodes! Heroes clash with villains in the Paranormal Liberation War. Shocking twists, epic battles, can they win? Watch on Crunchyroll!

My Hero Academia fans, assemble! Season 7 of the beloved superhero anime premiered on May 4, 2024, and it’s already kicking things into high gear. After four exciting recap episodes in April titled “Memories,” which refreshed viewers’ minds on the major events leading up to this pivotal season, Class 1-A is diving headfirst into the final act.

My Hero Academic: A Brief Recap

Before we delve into the future, let’s take a moment to revisit the exciting journey of My Hero Academia so far.

  • Season 1 (April to June 2016): Introduces us to Izuku Midoriya, a boy without a quirk in a world where superpowers are the norm. Despite this setback, Izuku dreams of becoming a hero. He gets his chance after a fateful encounter with All Might, the world’s greatest hero. Izuku becomes All Might’s successor and enrolls in U.A. High School, a prestigious academy for training future heroes.
  • Season 2 (April to September 2017): Izuku and his classmates face off against villains for the first time, attending a summer training camp that turns disastrous. They learn valuable lessons about teamwork and heroism in the face of adversity.
  • Season 3 (April to September 2018): The students take their provisional hero license exams, an important step towards becoming professional heroes. The season also delves into the backstory of the series’ main antagonist, Shigaraki Tomura.
  • Season 4 (October 2019 to April 2020): Class 1-A gets their first taste of internship with pro heroes, working alongside experienced mentors and gaining real-world hero experience.
  • Season 5 (March to September 2021): The League of Villains makes a significant power grab, with Shigaraki forming a powerful alliance. The heroes face a major threat, and the stakes for the world have never been higher.
  • Season 6 (October 2022 to March 2023): In this season, heroes gather together and ambush the League of Villians hideout. The Heroes lose to the Villians in a long-fought battle and suffer the consequences of underestimating Shigaraki and Dabi revealing the secrets of his past to the public. The heroes grapple with the consequences of their actions and strive to rebuild trust with the public.

My Hero Academia Season 7: What to Expect

This season adapts the highly anticipated “Paranormal Liberation War” arc from the original manga by Kohei Horikoshi. The stakes have never been higher as heroes and villains prepare for an all-out clash. Shigaraki Tomura, the series’ main antagonist, has undergone a terrifying transformation, becoming a formidable force with a grudge against society.

Two Cours, Packed with Action

The season is confirmed to have 21 episodes, split into two cours (broadcasts). The first cour, most likely consisting of 10 episodes, is expected to air consecutively with the second cour, potentially ending the season in October 2024. This two-part structure ensures a focused and fast-paced adaptation of the intense war arc.

Early Battles and Shocking Losses

The first two episodes have wasted no time in delivering pulse-pounding action. We’ve seen the heroes mobilize and strategize for the upcoming conflict. Shockingly, the season opened with a major character death, raising the stakes and setting a somber tone for the heroes’ struggle.

Where to Watch

For those eager to catch the latest developments, My Hero Academia Season 7 is simulcasting on Crunchyroll every Saturday. New episodes typically air around 8:30 AM PST.

Looking Ahead: A Hero Rises, or Falls?

The Star and Stripe Arc

Season 7 picks up right where Season 6 left off, introducing Star and Stripe, the number one hero from America. All Might calls upon Star and Stripe to aid in the fight against All For One. This arc will showcase an epic clash between Star and Stripe’s quirk, “New Order,” and the combined forces of Shigaraki and All For One. Brace yourself for a thrilling fight with high stakes, as Star and Stripe’s intervention could significantly impact the heroes’ efforts.

The U.A. Traitor Arc

The season delves into a shocking revelation – a traitor lurks within U.A. High School. This arc will expose the identity of the traitor and the impact of their betrayal on Deku and his classmates. Expect a suspenseful storyline as Deku grapples with this discovery and the weight of keeping his friends safe.

Building Up to the Final War

With the first battles underway and the weight of the world on their shoulders, Class 1-A and the professional heroes face an uncertain future. Will they be able to overcome the growing threat posed by Shigaraki and his villainous allies? Season 7 of My Hero Academia promises to deliver emotional moments, epic battles, and a conclusion that will leave fans breathless. Plus, ultra!


1. Who is the hottest hero in My Hero Academia?

The title of the hottest hero is subjective, but some popular female characters include Nana Shimura, Lady Nagant, and Mirko.

2. Who is the bad guy in MHA Season 7?

In My Hero Academia Season 7, the primary antagonist is Goto Imasuji, also known as Muscular.

3. Who Turned Deku into a Villain?

In the canon storyline, Deku does not become a villain. However, there is a fan-made concept called “Villain Deku” from an alternative universe, but it’s not part of the official series.

4. Where can I watch season 7 of MHA?

You can watch My Hero Academia Season 7 on Crunchyroll (outside Japan). A four-episode recap leading into Season 7 is also available on Crunchyroll.

5. Is there a season 8 of MHA?

sWhile there is no official confirmation, considering the manga’s progress, it’s likely that we’ll get at least eight seasons of My Hero Academia. Depending on future arcs and spinoffs, it could even extend to nine or more seasons.

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