When you break up with someone you love it really hurts.  You have all that history together and you remember all the good times you once shared and all the happy memories you have of your time together.  You feel so heartbroken and try to figure out what went wrong.

But sometimes a relationship ends simply because it has come to the natural end of its life.  I believe some relationships have a limited time, it doesn’t mean the relationship was bad or worthless, it can simply mean that you are now moving in different directions and want different things from life.

Be Friends and Stop all the Fighting

When I got married many years ago, I like many people, believed it would last forever.  I was young, in love and had romantic ideas about married life. As it turned out my marriage lasted for 18 years, which I think is not too bad by today’s standards.

Towards the end things got really bad between me and my ex husband and it was a relief when we decided to end it.  The marriage had been going wrong for a long time and despite trying hard to make it work, in the end things were too far gone and it had to end.  But once we decided it was over, we could then be friends and stop all the fighting.

Looking back I see the relationship as a time we had together that was limited and that was just the way it was meant to be.  We had good times and bad times.  I like to remember the good times and not be consumed with hate or bitterness.  Its not worth it.  We had our time together and then it was time to move on.

I cannot imagine still being married to my ex husband now, it feels like a lifetime ago.  And I feel like different person. I think that is the reason why a lot of relationships break down and end.  People want different things at that particular period in their lives.

For example you could be dating some gorgeous guy and you feel like its time to get serious and you want more commitment.  You start applying pressure on him but he only wants a casual relationship so he eventually breaks up with you.  Perhaps a couple of years down the line he would have been ready for more commitment, but at that particular time he wasn’t.

End of the Relationship

Another time a relationship ends because you grow apart and just want different things out of life.  People change other the years, tastes change, points of view change and if you don’t change in the same direction as your partner, then it could mean the end of the relationship.

People often stay together out of habit.  You get so used to your partner being part of your life, it feels comfortable and natural.  Even if the couple are always fighting and arguing, it can become a way of life that is so familiar to them that they think its normal.

Being single again can be a bit scary.  You can get so used to having your partner to turn to and lean on. But being single again can also be great.  You regain your freedom and can do just as you please.  There is no one to answer to but yourself.

The world is full of possibilities and other people. So if you find your broken relationship is just not worth saving, then move on. Be strong and enjoy being a single independent person again.